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Women’s Hats & Gloves - Beanies, Wide Brim Hats, Floppy Hats

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Complete your look with hats and gloves for every season and special occasion. You’re sure to find the accessories you love at Stein Mart.

Women’s Hats & Gloves - Beanies, Wide Brim Hats, Floppy Hats

Hats are a great accessory. They cover your head from the harsh elements while making you stand out from the crowd. Though they used to be more ubiquitous in the past, seeing a person with a hat these days seem quite rare, so it definitely raises your style quotient if you wear one. 

Want to try a hat on for size? Stein Mart’s selection of women’s headwear is cute and functional, exactly what you need in an accessory.

Women’s hats through the years 

Perhaps the most common hat women wear is the floppy hat. Usually made of straw, women often wear wide-brimmed floppy hats to the beach because of their ability to efficiently shield from the sun while complementing any summer getup. Beyond the beach, the floppy hat works great with a flowy, breezy maxi dress for an easy boho look. 

Another cute beach hat is the boater, a usually narrow-brimmed hat with a stiff flat crown and a wide hatband.  It’s less popular than the floppy hat, but it has a memorable aesthetic all its own. It’s a great option for vintage lovers as a callback to the 1920s when this style was all the rage. Wear it with a cotton polo and shorts for a proper preppy look. 

Golf aficionados usually go for the visor. This crownless piece of headwear consists of a brim that shades the top of your face and a strap to secure it on your head. It is great for outdoor sports like golf and tennis because it protects your face from the sun while keeping your crown well-ventilated. These days, thanks to the rise of athleisure, a lot of women wear the visor outside of the fairway, preferring its lightweight feel for everyday wear.

But has there ever been a hat as sporty as the baseball cap? Now simply called a cap, it’s been worn to most outdoor activities to add protection to many casual ensembles. Because it’s so popular, the cap has gone through various reincarnations through the years, making it fit even more trends and fashions. It can be made out of different materials, even straw, for an alternative topper to your usual beach look.

If the cap has stood the test of time, the bucket hat is trying to make a return to the present. Although it was said to be first seen in the 1900s, recent memory dates this sloping-brimmed hat on the heads of many a Gen X-er in the 90s. 

Another hat that was associated with fishermen is the beanie, which was worn by seamen and workers in the extreme cold. Today, beanies are the headgear of choice for winter. Thick knit wool usually topped by a pompom, beanies give off a cozy snow bunny look atop your winter outfit. 

Stein Mart offers beanies and gloves sets so that you can match your garments easily. Gloves are also a great function-meets-fashion accessory, keeping you warm while making you look glam at the same time. They have evolved over the years from a necessity for protection, to a formal gown essential and back to its utilitarian purposes. 

Today, gloves are making a fashion resurgence, appearing on many runways and on the arms of  famous celebrities. These pairs can be effortlessly elegant, marking a return to a more glamorous era of yore.

Be a woman of many hats

Even though they’re not as popular as they once were, hats are for everyone. Different styles match different people and work with different looks. Don’t be afraid to try as many hats as you want, you never know when you might want one to accessorize your outfit. Check out Stein Mart’s selection and find the perfect piece for you.