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Women’s Face Masks & Neck Gaiter Bandana - Eye Masks for Sleep

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Looking for a stylish protective face mask that fits your outfit? Look no further, “we’ve got you covered!” We have cute eye masks too.

Cotton Face Masks, Double-layer Face Masks & Neck Gaiter Bandanas

Our latest collection of face masks feature a variety of designs that go with casual ensembles, corporate looks, and even special events.

The design of the cloth face mask has evolved to become fashionable wardrobe staples for stepping out of the house. Its finely woven threading keeps out harmful particles while allowing you to breathe with ease. With several colors, prints, and patterns to choose from, you wouldn’t need to worry about mixing and matching them with your clothes.. They’re also sturdy and washable, so you can easily sanitize and reuse them throughout the year.

Far from being just a fashion and functional accessory, our double-layer fabric face masks provide heightened protection in public areas, especially in places where distancing is not possible.  Go for monochromatic variants for a refined and polished look. Or, opt for different trendy print designs to add fun and vibrance to your stylish ensemble.

You’d be happy to know that we also offer varieties that will match your evening looks perfectly. For special occasions, choose our sequined or studded designer selections. Not only would they add some glamor to your ensemble, but they would also keep you protected throughout any event.

Try our neck gaiter bandana selections for a statement piece that can be styled in multiple ways. Whether in a solid color or printed design, it’s a chic fashion accessory that can make even a casual outfit look more coordinated and put-together. It conveniently provides coverage for the nose, mouth, and neck, which comes in handy for windy days or during the winter season. If you still prefer to wear a face mask, it can also be bunched up over your neck to achieve a different look.

Comfortable Sleep Masks and Eye Masks 

After long work-heavy days, it’s important to get quality rest without being distracted by noise or light. That’s why our collection of eye masks are perfect for ensuring that nothing disturbs your beauty sleep. Made from durable yet comfortable neoprene, what sets our selection of eye masks apart is their unique shape and structure that leaves room for blinking and follows your shape contour. Having your own light-blocking sleep masks also makes it possible to get good sleep any time of the day, even with the sun out.

In the new normal, face masks have become a staple in both everyday wear and outfits for special events. They give us a chance to express our personal style without sacrificing safety, as we’ve seen on the streets, at the grocery, in the office, or around town. Stein Mart has a variety of face masks for various occasions, from birthdays, family gatherings, to socially distanced events. Browse our latest collection here for more ideas.